DBT Skills Group
Student Testimonials
(Dialectical Behavior Therapy)
with Lisa Wessan, LICSW


I completed the full 1 year program of DBT with Lisa. I can honestly say I'm a much wiser and more mindful person after completing this course. Lisa does a great job of managing the class and making sure everyone has a chance to share. I also really enjoyed developing relationships with the other members of the class. Sharing my issues with a group really helped me feel less alone. I had been in therapy for years but made the most progress with my mental health by taking DBT with Lisa.


Elizabeth C., Cambridge, MA



"I am seeing and feeling real results that I haven't seen or felt ever.I started therapy in 2003 and only until this DBT group (2018), have I felt like I'm getting better.That I can do this. I'm smart and capable. I look forward to taking this course until the end.Thank you so much Lisa. I am ever so grateful you provide such a wonderful group. I know I am in good hands."††

- Molly R., Marlboro, MA


Lisa is the most compassionate, insightful therapist I have worked with. I feel at ease talking with her and know she genuinely cares. She is an inspiring instructor of her DBT group which has helped me turn my negative beliefs around to live a more peaceful and rewarding life. Thank you Lisa!

Linda P., Westford, MA


Lisa is an amazing therapist. I highly recommend her. She helped me through some tough times and issues. I canít thank her enough. She is kind, compassionate, insightful, and so easy to talk to.

Theresa E., Lowell, MA


I found Lisa to be compassionate and supportive, able to take me where I was and help me to get much closer to where I wanted to be. She is very skillful and knowledgeable in her field, but doesn't use it to impress or intimidate. Her gentle and friendly manner is as therapeutic as her professional expertise.

Diane J., MA


Lisa, I am really glad that I found this DBT group. It has been a pleasure working with you and the group. I have grown SO MUCH since the start of this group. I look forward to coming to group every week, and I always leave feeling better! My favorite part of group is the meditation portion. Thank you!

Johnna R., Westford, MA




"You are amazing!I've learned so much. You are an excellent teacher. You have an awesome aura. I looked forward to come to class because of you. You have great energy."

- Yesenia J., Wilmington, MA



"I have really enjoyed this year of DBT! You're a great teacher. I can't wait for your book to come out!"

- Heather W., Somerville, MA



Lisa is a collaborative, inclusive, relatable, compassionate and fun-loving psychotherapist, life coach and teacher. She shares brilliant insights, observations and resources at every session. I am inspired by our work together, feel better and stronger than ever! I can heartily recommend Lisa for individual and DBT group work. 


Martha S., Lexington, MA







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