Psychotherapist, Life Coach, DBT Skills Trainer, Speaker, Author
               234 Littleton Road, Suite 1-D,  (PO Box 42)  Westford, MA 01886

Moving from Trauma, Sadness
and Anxiety to Serenity... 


With evidence-based Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills
training in four modules (DBT)


Mindfulness            Emotion  Regulation
Distress Tolerance     Interpersonal Effectiveness


UP NEXT:  Mindfulness and Distress Tolerance

 August 16 - November 15, 2018
Thursdays, 3:15 - 4:45 PM or 7:30 - 9:00 PM

14 Week Program (we skip holiday weeks)

“It is difficult to manage your emotions when you do not understand
 how emotions work.  Knowledge is power.” - Dr. Marsha Linehan

“What is shareable is bearable and what we can name, we can tame!” - Dr. Dan Siegal


Do you want to learn how to

better control your
Changing Emotional Responses?
Overwhelming Feelings?
Impulse to self-harm?
Attention and Focus?
Staying in the Present, Mindfulness?
Negative Judgments about
Self and Others?
Reduce Vulnerability to Emotion Mind?

Would you like to learn how to
Be a good observer?
Access Wise Mind (higher self, positive intuition)?
Understand Reality Acceptance and detach from negative or critical thoughts?
Understand, Name & Express Emotions?
Manage Extremely Difficult Emotions?


For full calendar, DBT videos, registration and tuition* information
 please visit  or call 978.710.8039


*$700 per 14 weeks. There are two partial scholarships available per semester for those in need.