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Discover DBT! 


(Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills
training in four modules)


Mindfulness            Emotion  Regulation
Distress Tolerance     Interpersonal Effectiveness


UP NEXT:  Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness

 August 16 - November 15, 2018,   Thursdays, 7:30 - 9:00 PM

14 Week Program (we skip holiday weeks)

“It is difficult to manage your emotions when you do not understand
 how emotions work.  Knowledge is power.” - Dr. Marsha Linehan

“What is shareable is bearable and what we can name, we can tame!” - Dr. Dan Siegal


Learn to better control your
Changing Emotional Responses
Overwhelming Feelings
Impulse to self-harm
Attention and Focus
Staying in the Present, Mindfulness
Negative Judgments about
Self and Others
Reduce Vulnerability to Emotion Mind

Learn how to
Be a good observer
Access Wise Mind (higher self, positive intuition)
Understand Reality Acceptance and detach from negative or critical thoughts
Understand and Name Emotions
Manage Extremely Difficult Emotions


For full calendar, DBT videos, registration and tuition* information
 please visit    or call 978.710.8039


*Early Registration Fee is $630 before 8/2/18, $700 after 8/2/18.
There are two partial scholarships available per semester for those in need.