Dialectical Behavior Skills Training (DBT)
with Lisa Wessan, LICSW, CLYL, RM
via Zoom platform





1.     Use the Contact Form to set an appointment for a brief talk on the phone, @15-20 minutes. There is no cost to you for this call. We need to see if there are any obstacles to participating in this program.


2.     DBT registration forms need to be completed and returned before the initial consultation. The forms take about one hour to complete.


3.     Initial Consultation  - Enrollment requires one session with me to see how I can best serve you in the group.  There is a fee for this consultation ($235). After reviewing your registration forms, this is a time for me to learn more about your background, and to understand details you might not share with the group right away.  This helps me customize your experience in the group.


4.     Therapist Agreement Form – For best practice of this DBT program, it is a requirement for all participants in DBT groups to be working with an individual therapist weekly.  Your therapist does not have to be DBT trained, but it is important to have someone with whom you can process your thoughts and feelings in between classes.



Therapy Waiver Form – if you choose not to see a therapist, you will need to sign this form instead of submitting your Therapist’s Agreement. This is not best practice, but some students choose to go on this path against medical advice.  This Therapy Waiver Form explains why you cannot use this group as a substitute for individual therapy.


5.     Submit your fee for the 14-week group.  For new students, the fee is $235 for the initial consultation and then $980 for the tuition.    Continuing students’ fee is $980.


Request a digital invoice
or send your check to:
L. Wessan, PO BOX 42, Westford, MA 01886

Please call me at 978.631.0349 or email to inquire.

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