LISA WESSAN, LICSW, CLYL, RM††††††† Tel: (978) 710-8039

Prior to her career as a therapist and life coach, Lisa Wessan was an internationally published science and health journalist for 20 years, specializing as a biotechnology analyst. She had a successful career at Genetic Engineering News and as editor of the monthly Biotechnology Press Digest.

Her interest in immunology led her to the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), better known as integrative or functional medicine. PNI led her to work with holistic MDs, eventually producing talk shows in radio and television at WOR-AM and NBC, respectively.Wessan still has one foot in broadcasting as the producer and on-air host of the cable television show, The Lisa Wessan Show.

While doing research on stress management techniques in graduate school for clinical social work, Wessan explored the research on therapeutic uses of laughter for caregivers.During post-graduate research on laughter therapy, Wessan became double certified to teach Laughter Yoga and Laughter Meditation in medical settings. Her work has been featured on CNNís Paula Zahn Now, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, The Boston Globe, The Lowell Sun, ABC News 20/20, and in many television, print and radio interviews.

Since she left New York City in 2006, Wessan has been in private practice in Westford, MA, and works with clients of all ages, from 16 years to centenarians.

As a Solution Focused therapist, Wessan became interested in the robust results from Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), so she studied with Dr. Marsha Linehan, founder and thought leader of DBT, and other DBT teachers.Wessan has been facilitating thriving and ongoing weeklyDBT skills groups since 2015, and uses DBT skills in individual, family and couples counseling as well.

She is also an inspirational author, speaker and life coach.Wessan was certified as a Master Business and Life Coach by Dr. Robert Fritz, DMA Inc.,in 1988, in Fritz's Technologies for Creating coaching program.††

Wessan facilitates a variety ofinspirational keynotes includingEmotion Regulation and Mindfulness, Team Building with Laughter,Laughter Therapy for Caregivers,Relaxation Techniques,and Declutter Your Mind, Home & Office,to name a few. She has a special heart for preventing burnout, as she self- identifies as a recovering workaholic and is deeply mindful of the wear and tear caused by that issue.

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Lisa Wessan

DBT Skills Trainer and Consultant
"Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness" Keynote speaker
Inspirational Humorist/Speaker
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (NY & MA)
Certified Life Coach (DMA, Robert Fritz)
Certified Reiki Master (RM)
Certified Therapeutic Laughter Coach and Laughter Yoga Teacher (CLL and CLYL)

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