Issue No. 14: December 2010

“I have seen what a laugh can do, it can transform almost unbearable tears into something bearable, even hopeful.”
– Bob Hope, Comedian, Actor (1903-2003)

What helps us to live longer, stronger, be fit and fabulous, with tick-tock mental clarity and alertness? My passionate curiosity about human behavior now motivates me to interview centenarians, supercentenarians (who are 110 years or older) and thought leaders in the art and science of aging on my weekly cable television show, Z LIGHTER SIDE OF TRANSFORMATION.

“The Super Centenarian Series” began in November 2010. The next episodes are: Will you be a Centenarian? November 30 – December 10, The Art of Aging with Dr. Eric Shapira, author of A New Wrinkle: What I learned from older people who never acted their age; December 14-24, Do you even WANT to be a Centenarian? With guest Michael Schleipfer of Alternative Care Providers Inc.

We are currently seeking healthy, alert and oriented centenarians to be interviewed for “The Super Centenarian Series” in 2011. If you know of any centenarians in the greater Boston area, please invite them to contact me through my website. The Super Centenarian Series’ goal is to help you to significantly increase your longevity.

I am also interested in talking with gerontologists, health care professionals, elder care lawyers and others who work with the elderly for the special caregiver segments that are part of The Super Centenarian Series.

With my background in clinical geriatric social work, I am always seeking ways to help and comfort the caregivers in my practice and audiences. Very often the caregivers suffer more than their ailing elderly loved ones who are dealing with end of life issues.

We tape the cable television show in downtown Chelmsford, and you are invited to be part of our studio audience. If you would like to join us (it’s free to attend), please contact me. You will receive an email studio invitation three weeks before the next tape date. The studio is right off Route 3 in Chelmsford, and there is ample free parking for all.