Issue No. 16: April 2011

“Give me a place to stand, and I will move the world.”
– Archimedes

The battle is won the night before…

We are all agents for change. Every time we forgive someone, eat a healthy meal, do a good deed, laugh at someone’s joke, we are contributing to the wellness of the world.

No, it doesn’t take monumental energy or trillions of dollars to make a difference. In fact, I think that changes made at the micro level – in our lives, in our homes, in our communities – do have a powerful ripple effect into the world.

In order to have the strength to give to others, however, first we need to fill our own well. It has been my experience that the more I have, the more I have to give…It’s worthwhile to ask yourself, how can you show up at work, or for your families, or friends, if you are not sleeping enough, not eating to nourish your body, not exercising, not laughing, not enjoying your life at all? As an exhausted, depleted person, what can you offer others?

It goes to follow that in order for you to be most effective, you deserve to practice what Cheryl Richardson has called “extreme self care.” This is when you allow yourself to be selfish about your time – for the greater good – without guilt or fear. Learning to nurture and strengthen yourself will be the best gift you can give to others.

From my experience, the battle for self care is often won the night before… wouldn’t it be nice if you allowed yourself the luxury of getting to bed earlier? An extra hour or two of sleep could mean you get up earlier, with some time for early morning inspirational readings or meditation, exercise, a sound breakfast, an unhurried commute or early morning prep for your family. Going to bed earlier could change the quality of your life in a dramatic way. One small step, yet one huge ripple effect for your world.

This month, I invite you to pick one negative habit, and make an effort to change it. Ask your Angels or other invisible helpers for support. They can assist you in your process of change.

If you have a prayer life, pray for the willingness to take an action towards changing that negative habit of yours. It’s amazing what happens when grace moves into action. Suddenly, you will be “in the mood” to de-clutter your desk, or go for a walk, or make those important cold calls, or eat a nutrient rich meal.

I challenge you to test this out in your own life. Be a scientist and see if making one small change in April/May gets you where you want to go. See if asking invisible helpers makes a difference – what if they do? LOL…that’s always the big shocker. But you’ll never know until you try it.

I always love to hear how your process is going. Feel free to write or call me (or keep me posted on Facebook or Twitter). Your success helps others make the leap. Yes, good news is contagious in a wonderful way…”If she can do it, maybe I can do it? Hmnnn…” That’s how we think, and that’s how it works.

Good health is wealth, go for it!