Issue No. 20: July 2012

“The human race has one really effective weapon,
and that is laughter.”

– Mark Twain, Author

You haven’t heard from me in a while – for six months – because I was studying for my licensing exam. In order to focus on this test preparation, I eliminated my attendance at most professional meetings.

This was my first sabbatical and it paid off! I am grateful to let you know that I am now licensed to practice clinical social work, aka, therapy, in Massachusetts as an LICSW.

Prior to this event, I was making my best contribution as a coach, speaker and consultant, even though I have been board certified and licensed for over 10 years in New York. (Massachusetts does not have reciprocity with any state. Everyone is required to get re-licensed when they move here.)

The best part of the test prep was the fun in learning new theories and ideas that have emerged since I last studied for this exam.

For example, over the past 10 years something called “Motivational Interviewing” (MI) has surfaced as one of the most powerful and successful, evidenced based treatments for depression, addiction and other emotional disorders. When I found out about the success of this work, I went up to Portland, ME, for a week to get training in it.

MI has changed the way I do my work. I have been excited by the results I got when I used it during my coaching sessions the past year. My clients had so many good turnarounds, and quickly, too.

If you are interested in this training, I can highly recommend the Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) of Portland, Maine.

The worst part of the studying process was the isolation. Not connecting with you through this newsletter, not attending the meetings where I would see you, not being able to participate in your events was deprivational and tough. I turned down dozens of speaking invitations because it was just not possible to maintain my study schedule and do all of that.

To get through it all, I did use PAUSE a lot…Pray And Use Spiritual Energy! Yes, I can say that my Army of Angels, invisible angels as well as you Earthly peers, did get me through my darkest moments. It works.

When I PAUSE, I am plugging into a power greater than myself. I have no idea how this works, but I know that it does work. If I didn’t PAUSE regularly throughout each day, I never could have maintained my focus and concentration well enough to pass that exam.

My family, husband, friends and certain colleagues were wonderfully supportive of this study period and I am deeply grateful to all of you.

So what’s up next? First, I’m in the process of joining a few insurance panels, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, Tufts and perhaps Harvard Pilgrim. Some of my clients are already getting insurance reimbursement for our work even though I am out of network with their carrier. Sadly, not all the insurance companies do that for their members.

Second, I’m going to be starting several support groups to cover my favorite niche therapy topics…coming soon you will see groups for laughter therapy, clutterers, erectile dysfunction (for the women or partners of the ED sufferer), eating disorders, and a new form of therapeutic inspiration that will incorporate dance, laughter and singing…stay tuned for future announcements!

Right around the corner…see below for an upcoming event this week for clutterers and hoarders. (It’s almost free, and requires phone registration.)

Good health is wealth, go for it!