Issue No. 21: October 2012

“Anything that you cannot relinquish when it has outlived its usefulness possesses you, and in this materialistic age a great many of us are possessed by our possessions. We are not free.”
– Mildred Norman Ryder, The Peace Pilgrim

Imagine my surprise as I was meandering through a little gift shop in Gloucester, MA when I came across this unusual tea collection. I immediately started giggling, and shared with my friend the hilarity of this box of tea.

The notion that we could drink a cup of tea and declutter our mind – and be rid of all our past traumas, losses, betrayals and negative memories — is clearly absurd. Or is it? Let’s think beyond the proverbial box for a moment…

I began to wonder, could it be possible? Could someone just make a CHOICE to let go, forgive and move on and in a heartbeat – the time it takes to sip tea, as it were – and be free from the past? Could it be a spiritual or philosophical DECISION? Would that the tea could be just the costume for a vision, a prayer, and a hope for transformation…

Anticipating your transformative turnarounds and supporting you in decluttering your whole life keeps me hopeful and grateful – because the entire process is mostly a joyful endeavor – including the griefwork. I often say your inner journey can be condensed into six little words: Face it, trace it and erase it!

To that end, this fall there are more opportunities to join our fun interactive groups for decluttering on every level.

Decluttering is ultimately a sacred event, and I always feel privileged to assist you as you release and let go of unwanted relationships, or things. Yes, I always look forward to helping you create a space for grace in your life.

I invite you to scroll down to see the event details, and join me as we trudge the road to freedom and learn to live in simple abundance!